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Q&A with a Pastor!

I wanted to do something different this week outside of the typical. From the title, this blog is Q&A with a pastor! However, I didn’t ask questions about their position specifically, but their highs and lows as a Christian.

For this post, the featured pastor is:

Pastor Annie Green!

[HOAPK/Me]: Thank you again for doing this interview. I appreciate it. I know in my blog it’s usually geared towards removing the stigma from PK’s and younger people but mostly finding purpose. So, how did you know your purpose in Christ? Not just as a pastor, but as a Christian?

[Pastor Annie Green/AG]: First started out, I was a PK kid. We had to go to church no matter what. As I was going, I got some understanding of what it was all about. Then I didn’t know my purpose still because at the time I was 15 when I really got saved. My purpose as a Christian was that I knew that I had a gift, yet I didn’t understand what it was all about. I knew I could see things, hear things, and dreams and visions. Therefore, later in life, that my purpose was a prophetess.

As a pastor, I grew into being a leader when my mother passed away. She was our head pastor. When she passed, my husband and I took the mantle. From there we had to learn some things like how to be a leader, how to conduct yourself, how to love and embrace people despite anything that they were going through. We had to embrace and love. That was the first part of being a pastor.

From there, I just followed along with my husband. Beside him, the things he can’t see, I see. The things he can’t hear, I hear. So it made a difference to walk beside him and help with what we needed. Pastoring became not something that I chose, but what God chose for me.

[Me]: And that is a recurring thing that I hear from pastors all the time. “I didn’t want to choose this myself, but I can’t ignore the call.” Even with running from it, did you ever find yourself running from your call?

[AG]: At first I did, because I felt like I wasn’t ready. It’s not what we think, it’s what God thinks. He will prepare us for the position, if it is for us to have it. That is pretty much what he did for me. He prepared me as a little child. I didn’t know what gift I had, but as I grew up, prophecy is nothing but preaching. You just have a gift that goes along with it. Different things that go along with it. So it made it easier. I began to understand that I can’t run.

No matter what I did, I was turned back to that in my spirit. Even when I was raised in church, turned 15, and moved from there to Bryan, everything was a different story. I decided to just… I’m done. I walked away, yet God still had his hand on me. I couldn’t do some things, I couldn’t just say anything, I couldn’t hang around the crowd I wanted to hang with. Therefore, He finally just turned me back.

[Me]: That feeds into our next question.

I know that sometimes I have that mental block when it comes to things outside of the church. Like “I don’t want to do that” or “I don’t find joy in that”.

What was the toughest part about being saved at first?

[AG]: When I first came into holiness, they told us we couldn’t go to moves, we couldn’t go to parties, we couldn’t wear makeup, we couldn’t wear pants, etc. I thought that was… okay. That’ s part of my life, what are you doing. You’re taking away part of my life. As I lived on, I understood things to where God opened it up better. It’s not what you wear, or the place you go.

Like if you go to a dinner party for someone, you don’t have to interact if there is drinking or something like that. With makeup back in the day, they said that was what set you apart. But that’s a part of a woman for me. The makeup. I never felt condemned for that or pants. It’s about how you do it. You don’t want pants like skin on us. You want to dress nice and modest; covered. There is nothing wrong with it.

It is the spirit that’s on the inside. It is your soul God is worried about. This ole body is not going back when we go back. It’s the soul. It was different for me when I first started out, but now I understand better.

[Me]: Well, besides the toughest part. But what is the easiest part about being saved?

[AG]: The easiest part about being saved is just knowing that Jesus is your head. Knowing that he can conduct and lead you, he is a healer; you know. He’s all these different things. If I say he’s a healer, I know what im talking about. I’m not just saying. He healed my body many of times. I was stricken with lupus in 1986.

It was devastating to me. I was in a lot of pain. I lived in the hospital. They knew me by my name. Once I began to start thanking God for healing me, even though it wasn’t there yet, I thanked him. “God thank you for healing my body. God thank you for healing my body”.

In ’07, He did it. He healed my body. I haven’t dealt with lupus since then. NO medication for it. The doctors are amazed. My platelets are staying in place. Im good. Thank God for that.

[Me]: *I’m in shock at this point* Wow. Just wow. Well, God is a healer.

[AG]: It’s a simple thing to know that He is real. It helps you to just stay in line.

[Me]: Wow. Alot of times I know for younger people, and some older people, sometimes we are around others who are still not yet saved. Sometimes they’ll offer you things and say “you can just take a little” or “you can just do some of it”. What happens when you give in? What do you do when you feel yourself going back? How do you come back to the faith?

[AG]: By experience, when i first got saved, that following Monday my family was gone to work and school. I remember I had some weed under my couch. The enemy said, “Well, you know, that’ll be the last you have. Nobody is here but you. It would be fanned out by the time anyone gets home.” That’s what I was hearing in my spirit!

And I thought, not today, devil! I decided to turn my life over to Jesus, and with that I’m not turning back. But yes, the temptations come. When they come, we’ve got to recognize who is doing the temptation.

The devil will never give you anything good. He is not going to tell you nothing good. Therefore, we have to recognize and weigh it out. Do I want to fall into this and I know I can repent, but how many times do we think God is going to continue to forgive us when we know what we’re doing? We have to weigh that out. Do want to continue to keep doing wrong, thinking “well God knows my heart”? Yes, He knows your heart. He also knows that you want to continue to do this. So, you have a decision to make: do you want to stay in or stay out?

Sin is always around. We have to live in this world, and it’s here. But it’s up to us.

[Me]: Yeah, even so people will say, “This is my last party” or “This is my last drink”. But is it really your last party or drink? What happens if that last party is your very last? What if that’s the last drink–

[AG]: On the way home. You get in an accident, you’re gone. It’s a choice you make. Set yourself apart. If somebody offers, you can always say no. You don’t have to go into your history of being saved. You can just say no, thank you. We have to work around people who are unsaved all the time, but we have to maintain ourselves. We know who we are.

[Me]: Amen. Once you understand temptation, sin, and become fully devoted to God, what happens when you lose that momentum you had when you first became saved? The dry season? How do you get out of it?

[AG]: The dry season faith… it comes and goes. You’re saved, sanctified, filled with the Holy Ghost, but we have some days where we feel like “God, where are you?” “Have you left me?”

Sometimes we can’t pray. Being in that position, it is so much on you that weighs you down, you may not know how or what to pray. Your spirit is in the ground. Therefore, our leaders/heads, they are who we can always go to.

If we feel like you and I, where it’s our parents, we can always get somebody else that we know is living for the Lord. Because we don’t want to feel like our parents will say “oh, it’s going to be alright”. You know what I’m saying. We don’t want to be embraced that way. We want to be told the truth, for real. Sometimes, it may take us to go talk to someone else and just lay out. Open up. Saying, “Hey, this is what is going on with me. I feel like I can talk to you because you’re going to open up to me the way I need it”.

So, the dry seasons can make us feel like we don’t know which way to go. We know that Jesus is our head. We know to have faith, but sometimes it isn’t there the way it needs to be. You know. It seems like it is never coming, or it’s never happened. And God, I need this right now, but it’s not showing. Yet Jesus is still there. We can always talk to him like we talk to each other. Just to tell him the way we are feeling, which He already knows. Sometimes, he wants us to open up too.

Not saying our parents won’t tell us the truth! Mine especially would tell me! Some things I felt like I couldn’t tell her. I couldn’t talk to her about it because I didn’t feel comfortable, but I could go somewhere else and just open up.

[Me]: So, who was usually that someone else for you?

[AG]: My godmother in Amarillo, Texas. Yes, my godmother. I met her when I was 15. When I got saved, we were in their church. We didnt know them when we first moved up there, but somehow or another, God led them to us. They began to be close to us. Her kids and our kids…we just all came together. If we were in need of anything, they were there for us. Even today, I still go back and forth to Amarillo to see about them.

She was a strict one. She was the no makeup, and still that way. But I can open up to her and talk to her about anything.

[Me]: That’s extremely important. To have someone that holds you accountable. Now, after all this, you know what you’ve been through and experienced since you have been in ministry a while. What is one snippet of wisdom that you would give to somebody who is a younger Christian? Not saying in age, but someone who is just starting in the faith?

[AG]: Grab hold and hold on. Mhm.

It is not a simple thing to deal with everyday because life is different. You never know what life is going to throw at you. Being saved, some people will say, “I can’t do it” and they back up. You have to go forward. Look at what Jesus did for us.

When He went on that cross, and they nailed him, and he never said a mumbling word. He did that for us. Because He did that, I can look back and think well Lord you did this. So, I need to do what I need to do. Sometimes that means dealing with people, but you have to get in it and go.

You experience things when you are over a lot of people. Everybody is not going to have the same attitude. Therefore, you can’t love everybody the same. Love them at their level. So, if anything, just grab hold and hold on. Get in and stay in. For the long haul.

Pastor Annie Green is a co-pastor at The Way, The Truth, and The Life Ministries Inc. Her husband, Pastor/Bishop Oritz Green is the senior pastor. Their church is located at 1104 East Martin Luther King, Bryan, TX 77803.


2 responses to “Q&A with a Pastor!”

  1. What an awesome interview! Pastor Green’s transparency is what is needed in encouraging others that holiness is right! Thank you Pastor Green! Blessings and Favor.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Glory to God! I’m glad you enjoyed it!


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