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Q&A with a Pastor!

Episode for Q&A with a Pastor

Happy First of the Month! Not only is it a new month, but it’s September, my birth month, and a month of harvest!

Come on Harvest Time!

I am so excited for this new month, but also to be back writing again. Life was really hectic for a moment and God-willing I was able to come back to HOAPK to write again.

Let me tell you, the resting seasons of your life you do not want to bypass nor do you want to speed through the working ones.

Anyways…God has been truly up to so much in my life, but I want to hear from all of you. Tell me in the comments how these past 2 months have been and what God has done for you!

I missed y’all!

As you can see from the title, we are back with another Q&A with a Pastor! If you have not read the other ones, check them out here.

Instead of asking another pastor in the community, I wanted to come a little closer. An uncle/aunt perhaps? No. Think closer.

The very person that caused me to become a preacher’s kid: MY DAD!

Although not transcribed (I am so sorry my non-English friends), the entire interview is within the podcast linked above.

A few things about the guest pastor:

Pastor Richard has been in ministry over 20 years and pastoring for 15 years at Secret Place Family Worship Center. He is a husband and father. Recently, he has written and published his life’s story of faith and ministry titled “Dwelling in the Secret Place” and continues to serve in ministry full time. Full of humor, Pastor Richard knows how to keep people laughing while teaching God’s Word.

Now, join me as I sit down with my dad, Pastor Richard to explore how God calls His people, the ups and downs of ministry, and faith.

Find his new book “Dwelling in the Secret Place” on Amazon or in the SPFWC shop .

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Be blessed!


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3 responses to “Q&A with a Pastor!”

  1. Roosevelt Richard Avatar
    Roosevelt Richard

    I truly enjoyed the interviewed and the questions and answers. I am so proud of you and your are doing an excellent job. Keep pushing towards greatness. I see nothing but Greatness in You! Love you Within!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you Pastor! To God be all the glory! I appreciate the conversation going forth


  2. […] some time since the last time I posted any content here. Let’s just say after my previous post, blogging came to a hard stop. Not because I did not want to, but I did not have anything to say. […]


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